Our beliefs

We, QueueUp members, are committed gamers and played for countless of years on a lot ofplatforms and also a lot of video games. We noticed that the online gaming experience is quiteshort, even ephemeral, we log on, we queue up, we play, we leave, nothing less and nothing more.
Everyone can feel frustrated by a toxic teammate or feel bad for the enemy team for having anAFK. Online gaming could be so much more, it could truly break the idea that video games aremeant to be played alone and that playing will make you feel lonely. Because that is not true,that is not what we believe in.
We believe, that video games are a way for people to have fun, to have challenges that shouldn’tbe altered by the bad day of a person or the miscommunication of an another. We want people toexperience good moments, meeting a teammate that could become a friend, playing a game with a goodmood that would enlighten other players’ day.
Knowing your teammates before playing a game with them is a good way to improve your gaming experience, that is truly why we recommend you to QueueUp with us.