Last week-end, some of us had the opportunity to attend EU LCS Finals at Madrid. Here are our thoughts.

Madrid's public

Paris > Madrid. Now, let's talk about it.

I agree that Madrid's public is totally louder than Paris' one, but the main difference between the two crowds is that Madrid's public yells only when there is a big play (or Rekkles), but is quite unanimated otherwise. They have been maximum 5 olas in the whole week-end.

Now, let's preach for Paris. Paris has one thing Madrid has not: Romain. This guy is really amazing at animating the crowd, even during the games, that's why we kind of enjoyed more Paris' events.
Furthermore, we're used to hear teams' chants, something we didn't hear during our week-end.

But don't worry Madrid, we still enjoyed our week-end so much, you guys are very welcoming and we are looking forward to coming back to you as soon as possible !

Riot Games released a really nice aftermovie, that reflects well this amazing week-end and city.


One of the things we were the most looking forward was to meet the casters crew. Unfortunately, the meetup was canceled due to all the people attending it to see the players, so we simply canceled our plans for that.

The day after, at 4AM, we were heading to the bus station to get to the airport, and in the middle of nowhere, we ran totally randomly into half of the caster crew (+ Bwipo, his brother and Guilhoto). Really nice guys, we had the opportunity to have a quick chat and then take a picture.

Huge thanks to all of them, they already made our day at 4AM.