With a really beautiful opening ceremony, group stage is starting with some spicy games !


Here are our predictions for this day:


kt Rolster 1 - 0 Team Liquid

Even while being put behind really early by Score invading him level 2, Xmithie was able to give his bottom lane the advantage with a magnificent gank leading to first blood for TL.

Unfortunately, KT looks so dominant and take a really good fight at the 21st minute next to the drake, allowing them to kill 3 members of TL and go for baron.
At this point of the game, KT were outscaling TL too much for them to give them a chance to come back, and closed the game.

Edward Gaming 0 - 1 MAD Team

I didn't know what to expect from MAD Team coming into this game, and I was quite surprised about the game they had against one of the best Chinese teams.
With their jungler turning around some fights like this one:

The game was really close until both teams tried to take baron, unsuccessfully since both teams always fought there. EDG had the final word, was able to kill baron and close the game.

Phong Vũ Buffalo 0 - 1 Flash Wolves

Really clean game from Flash Wolves. With Moojin's Taliyah getting fed, they ware able to have the advantage everywhere on the map, giving up only a kill and a turret.

Afreeca Freecs 0 - 1 G2 Esports

I've been punished for my lack of faith in G2 in my predictions. By picking Camille top and Heimerdinger bot, G2 was able to face AFS 4v5 constantly while Wunder was split pushing, playing only around objectives.
Afreeca Freecs could not answer at all during this game and with baron down, G2 was able to take AFS's base while playing 2-2-1 (with Jankos-Perkz top, Hjarnan-Wadid mid, and Wunder inside the base destroying what was left).

Royal Never Give Up 1 - 0 Cloud9

Without any surprise, RNG was able to outclass Cloud9 in bottom lane by putting Sneaky far behind Uzi. Even with Licorice getting solo kills and being ahead of Letme, Cloud9 didn't even get a chance to contest this game in 25 minutes.

Gen.G 0 - 1 Team Vitality

Even while being behind in the early game, Team Vitality kept on being aggressive until it paid off in bottom lane where they were able to pick 4 members of Gen.G and follow this good fight with a baron.
Unfortunately, they overextended a few minutes after leading to a 3 for 0 fight. However, this lost fight didn't allow Gen.G to come back in the game yet.
As G2 earlier, VIT played the split push game, and when both teams were fighting for the Elder Drake, Jizuke decided to TP top, take the inhibitor, and then Attila used his TP to destroy the base while the rest of Gen.G was trying to come back from Elder.

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