Here are our predictions for this day:


Flash Wolves 1 - 0 Afreeca Freecs

With a game that took so much time to start (3 kills and 5 turrets down at 32 minutes), Flash Wolves were able to take a huge fight at baron at this time, and give Betty a triple kill.

This baron gave FW the opportunity to take down 4 turrets and create a 3.5k gold Baron Power Play.
By taking down another baron at the 41st minute, they were able to kill AFS jungler and then a nice Sion engage allowed them to ace Afreeca Freecs and close the game.

Phong VÅ© Buffalo 0 - 1 G2 Esports

The entire game was in control of PVB, who was able to take a small lead, and then snowball it. With an awesome fight by them allowing their ADC to take a triple kill, they were able to comfort their position as the dominant team of this game.

A 23rd minute baron allowed them to push their lead even further by taking more objectives and pressure G2 even more.
It's the 30th minute baron that sealed the game and allowed PVB to close the game 4 minutes later.

100 Thieves 0 - 1 Fnatic

This game was basically the Caps show. By solo killing Ryu and getting first blood, he pushed his Irelia to a point that she was unstoppable.

With their advantage, Fnatic went for baron at the 24th minute, risking the 50:50, and got it, then took 3 kills (4 with the Caps' solo kill on Anda at the top lane).
With an 11k gold Baron Power Play, it was really hard for 100 Thieves to do anything.

Invictus Gaming 1 - 0 G-Rex

G-Rex showed how strong they were in the early game but overall, Invictus Gaming showed that they were better at teamfights.
GRX's fate was sealed when IG Ning caught G-Rex's support in the jungle, at the 24th minute, with an incredible Zac ultimate, which led to 3 kills and a baron.
IG closed the game 4 minutes later.

Team Vitality 0 - 1 Cloud9

With EU having clapped NA earlier, there was a lot of pressure on Vitality's shoulders to keep the meme alive.
With Svenskeren being able to take 2 kills and get an advantage, everything seemed right for them to continue and push their advantage even further. Unfortunately for them, their opponent was Vitality, a team that is used used to play from behind and is not afraid to take fights, and that's exactly what they showed. By getting rid of C9's bottom lane at the 23rd minute, VIT attempted to go for a baron, but without Jizuke trying to catch the opponent jungler, a few members got caught by Jensen who was able to delay this crucial objective.

At the 27th minute, Vitality was able to ace Cloud9 in a huge teamfight and get the baron for themselves, leading them to only 1 turret takedown. A second baron allowed them to push their advantage further with a 4k Baron Power Play, but they were still unable to close the game.
With Jizuke getting caught at the 43rd minute, Vitality was unable to contest the Elder Drake and C9 caught Attila, allowing them to start baron, get the enemy jungler low, kill the baron, run down top, and close the game 4 minutes later.

Gen.G 0 - 1 Royal Never Give Up

This game was all about showing who, between the MSI champion and the former World Champion, was the best today, and RNG wanted to show up!
With a really close game in terms of gold, everything relied on fights. Most of the fights were won by Gen.G, except the one at the 34th minute, when RNG took down GEN's botlane, and decided to run it down mid since the opponent's Camille was split pushing bot, without even going for other objectives.
Kill, destroy, win.

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