Here are our predictions for this day:


MAD Team 0 - 1 kt Rolster

With the early game in the hands of kt Rolster, MAD Team wanted to try catching Score in the baron's river at the 12th minute to lower the gold difference between the two teams. Unfortunately, it turned really wrong for them since they gave 2 kills in exchange of Score's life. From this moment, everything was in the hand of kt Rolster who didn't throw their advantage, got a baron at the 21st minute, destroyed the middle lane and went back to play it slowly.
With MAD Team engaging at the 25th minute to try to defend their base, KT was able to turn the fight around, ace MAD, and close the game in 26 minutes.

Team Liquid 0 - 1 Edward Gaming

The early game seemed to be in control of Team Liquid until they tried to secure the mountain drake at the 13th minute, giving themselves to EDG and trading 1 drake for 3 kills, thanks to an amazing play by Scout's Azir.

From then, EDG won every single fight, was able to secure baron at the 23rd minute and close the game 4 minutes after.

Fnatic 0 - 1 Invictus Gaming

Invictus understood really quickly that to win against Fnatic, they had to shut down either the bottom lane, or the mid lane, and they decided it would be the bottom lane. With Rekkles being dead twice under 7 minutes, and the opponent's AD Carry being ahead of 20 CS and 2 kills, it would be hard for the european bottom lane to come back. From then, Fnatic had to play from behind the entire game.
It's when they killed two members of IG at the 23rd minute that they decided to go for baron, despite being late in the game. This baron call allowed IG to steal the baron, ace Fnatic and close the game in 27 minutes.

100 Thieves 1 - 0 G-Rex

With a successful dive at the 8th minute allowing them to take first blood and first turret, 100 Thieves jumped really early in the driver seat of this game.
Even while losing a fight at the 15th minute, they were able to keep up and don't let the momentum go down. With Ryu styling on Leblanc and Rikara playing out of his mind, 100 were able to win some fights and increase their advantage.

By killing 3 members of GRX at the 28th minute, 100 were able to kill the baron, and played by the book, slowly but surely, taking inner turrets first then the bottom lane inhibitor.
With the advantage they had, 100 were able to force GRX staying in their base, and with Ryu cleaning Candy's health bar, GRW weren't able to defend their top lane anymore, allowing 100 Thieves to take the top inhibitor as well.
A huge teamfight at the 37th minute allowed 100 Thieves to kill 4 members of G-Rex and close the game a few seconds after.

Royal Never Give Up 0 - 1 Team Vitality

With a 3rd minute gank, Uzi was already ahead of a kill, allowing him to be ahead of 1.5k gold compared to the opponent's Varus. Even while being caught during a fight, Uzi kept being dominant in this game.

A 4 for 2 fight in favour of RNG at the 22nd minute allowed them to secure the baron a minute after, allowing RNG to destroy all their inhibitors and close the game in 29 minutes.

Cloud9 0 - 1 Gen.G

With Blaber in, we can expect a more aggressive early game with probably a carry-oriented jungler. In fact, Blaber was put on J4, trying to make plays happen unsuccessfully.
With Gen.G getting kills here and there, they were able to take down 2 members of C9 leading to a 21st minute baron.
A catch on Sneaky at the 23rd minute allowed them to get the middle lane inhibitor and close the game for their first win of Worlds.

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