Here are our predictions for this day:


Afreeca Freecs 1 - 0 Phong Vũ Buffalo

By shutting down every single early play from PVB, AFS was able to take a huge lead. By picking up 3 kills at the 22nd minute, they were able to kill the baron, and close the game 4 minutes later after an incredible fight in PVB's base.

G2 Esports 1 - 0 Flash Wolves

G2 is playing against the favourite of their group, still undefeated coming up into this game: Flash Wolves.
By picking Camille-Akali, G2 are looking to put their solo laners ahead and allow them to get into the backline, kill a carry, or split push.

With Wunder literally smurfing on his Camille and being able to split push bottom lane, G2 are able to split Flash Wolves, who tried to force Baron while Wunder ran down the bottom lane and ended the game.

Invictus Gaming 1 - 0 100 Thieves

With a fight for the first scuttle, IG was looking for getting an early advantage. Unfortunately for them, 100 Thieves were able to turn this around, getting 2 early kills, one for Anda, the other for Ryu.

At the 15th minute, 100 were looking for a pick on the Sion at the bottom lane, committing 3 members to this dive. IG decided to put the Rift Herald mid lane and were able to ace 100 Thieves and take the inhibitor turret only 16 minutes into the game, and went for the inhibitor 2 minutes later.

IG aced 100 at the 20th minute and closed the game for the fastest game of the tournament yet.

G-Rex 0 - 1 Fnatic

This game started fantastically for Fnatic, as they were able to pick up first blood, and had a huge fight a bit later, allowing them to pick up 4 kills at the 4th minute.

With a Baron call at the 21st minute, Fnatic took total control of the game, aced G-Rex 3 minutes later by diving them into the fountain, and closed the game.

Team Liquid 1 - 0 MAD Team

Quite even early game for both teams. Even with dropping first blood, TL was able to hold the game until the 15th minute when the team was able to get the advantage by killing 3 members of MAD.

With a baron call done at the 34th minute, Team Liquid were able to kill the enemy team's jungler and take down the baron and are able to take down the nexus 4 minutes later after getting 2 inhibitors.

kt Rolster 1 - 0 Edward Gaming

For kt Rolster, everything was about shutting down EDG's bottom lane. With multiple successful ganks and fights, they were able to be ahead of 2.5k gold at the 12th minute, with 3 more kills than EDG.

17 minutes into the game, EDG tried tot go for the mid outer turret, but KT decided to push the bottom lane and got the inhibitor turret.
With Clearlove and Ray getting caught at the 29th minute, KT was able to get baron, uncontested.
They then got mid and bot inhibitors, and the top one a few minutes later, to finally close the game in 35 minutes after killing 3 members of EDG.

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