Here are our predictions for this day:


Team Vitality 1 - 0 Royal Never Give Up

The Team Vitality game plan was easy to understand: shut down RNG's bottom lane, take fights, win.
With a 3rd minute gank on the bottom lane, Kikis wanted to put his bottom lane ahead. Unfortunately, everything went wrong as Uzi was able to take First Blood.

By fighting over and over, and with Jactroll being able to find incredible hooks, Team Vitality was able to take down 3 members of RNG at the 27th minute and take down the Baron.

They took down the MSI champion for the first upset of the day 5 minutes later, after killing 4 of its members.

Gen.G 0 - 1 Cloud9

By shutting down GEN's midlaner, Crown, Cloud9 was able to put Jensen ahead of him with his Leblanc.
By failing an engage at the 25th minute, allowing Cloud9 to fight back and get 2 kills and a baron, Gen.G got a step back but were able to defend their base.
But with another baron taken by C9 at the 35th minute, with 4 bonus kills, Cloud9 was able to beat the defending World Champions in 36 minutes.

Team Vitality 1 - 0 Gen.G

Team Vitality was able to pressure Gen.G really early in the game. By being ahead, Cabochard was able to pressure top lane and even get a solo kill.

The game was going back and forth in favour of Vitality since Gen.G was able to catch some members of Vitality, but a huge fight at the 33rd minute, using Tristana's resets allowed Vitality to take down 4 members of Gen.G, close the game, and eliminate the defending World Champions in 34 minutes.

Cloud9 0 - 1 Royal Never Give Up

By taking a first good fight, Cloud9 was able to take a small early lead, being 2 kills ahead of RNG.

The first turret gold allowed RNG to close the gap in terms of gold, but C9 proactivity allowed them to get good picks here and there and increase their gold lead.
At the 22nd minute, RNG was able to win their first fight by taking down 2 members of Cloud9, allowing them to close the gold gap.
By taking down 3 members of RNG at the 26th minute, Cloud9 was able to kill the baron, run down top, kill 2 members of RNG and close the game.

Cloud9 1 - 0 Team Vitality

With a really cheesy level 1, Vitality was trying to get ahead really early. Unfortunately, they were not able to succeed in their strategy.

C9 was able to find first blood by punishing Team Vitality's over aggressive early game.

By catching multiple members of VIT at the 26th minute, Cloud9 was able to kill the baron, and even while having multiple members getting caught, they were able to push, kill multiple members of Vitality and secure, not only a win in 34 minutes, but also a spot in quarterfinals.
If you have the opportunity to watch the game, this one is worth watching.

Royal Never Give Up 1 - 0 Gen.G

RNG subbed in MLXG for this game, looking for an aggressive jungling.
With a bush trap gone wrong, Gen.G gave first blood to MLXG.

By starting a fight bottom lane at the 16th minute, RNG was able to force the top lane Shen ultimate while Letme was able to take the top inhibitor turret while his team was able to win the fight.
A great engage at the 19th minute allowed RNG to push their advantage even more by destroying 4 members of GEN.
A 4 for 0 fight at the 22nd minute allowed RNG to close the game in only 22 minutes.

Bonus: Royal Never Give Up 1 - 0 Cloud9 (tiebreaker)

With a great early game, C9 was able to be 2 kills ahead. With C9 winning or tying every single fight engaged by RNG, they are able to get a small early lead, until the 20th minute when RNG was able to take down 3 members of C9, for the first fight in their favour.
By taking down 2 members of C9 at the 25th minute, RNG started a baron and was able to take it down. Unfortunately for them, Cloud9 killed 4 of their members, with only Xiaohu surviving with the buff.
Even while getting rid of 4 members of RNG, C9 lost the next big teamfight around baron at the 38th minute that allowed RNG to close the game and get the first seed of group B.

With these matches, Cloud9 and Royal Never Give Up advance to quarterfinals while Team Vitality and Gen.G are out of the competition.

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