It's first day of play-in knockouts, and C9 plays against GMB, then, EDG against DFM. Will C9 make it out of play-ins ?


Cloud9 3 - 2 Gambit Esports

Sure Vedius, sure.

Going into the first game of this series, each team took their time to scale, getting occasionally a few kills here and there (for a total of 8 kills 20 minutes into the game), but everything turned wrong for Gambit when they took a fight under C9's second mid turret and got aced, allowing C9 to get the baron and get two inhibitors with the buff. At the end of this one, a poor engage from Diamondprox on Blaber allowed C9 to take 2 kills and close the game.

Even if they gave up first blood to C9, Gambit took some good fights and was able to be in control of the game very early. A few picks here and there led them to the control of most of the objectives. A good catch on Diamondprox at the 30th minute allowed C9 to go for baron and stall the game a bit more. But with an inhibitor dow, it was really hard for Cloud9 to push the midlane and Gambit used this advantage to force a fight, win it, and close game #2.

The first interesting thing of this game is Licorice's pick: Singed. Cloud9 wanted to seek redemption for their last game, and got a really good early game, shutting down top, forcing Gambit to have more presence top side and allowing Jensen to get a lead. By picking 3 kills in Gambit's jungle at the 22nd minute, C9 was able to take down the baron and push their gold advantage to 13k gold, get 2 inhibitors and a nexus tower, thanks to Zeyzal's amazing hooks. They were able to close the game in 27 minutes, after giving Sneaky a triple kill.

Game 4 was all about going to Silver Scrapes for Gambit, and they actually made it ! Diamondprox smurfing on Taliyah allowed them to have an advantage on every single player of their roster (except ADCs since Sneaky picked Draven and was able to equalize with his passive). Even with Licorice being very consistent and having amazing engages, GMB's draft was so focused on tankiness and CC that C9 couldn't do anything and lost this game, leading us to...

Here is an interesting thought from Phreak coming into game 5:

With C9 getting a good lead in bottom lane through Sneaky (who was just so good this game), they were able to take fights here and there. Gambit's fate was sealed by Zeyzal's amazing engage leading to a baron, and then, the end of the game.

DetonatioN FocusMe 0 - 3 Edward Gaming

The first game wasn't even close to be close ! Edward Gaming was dominant from the first minutes, getting advantage on the bottom lane and getting picks after picks. Their only weak point was the accuracy of Scout's skillshots with his Irelia, but they didn't leave a chance to DFM this game.

The second game didn't accelerate as fast as the first, but was a redemption game for Scout for his poor performance on Irelia. His Akali was 7/0 at 15 minutes, even while playing against Heimerdinger, that made her early game a nightmare, until level 6 when Clearlove showed up mid and was able to give his midlaner the first kill or his killing spree.

At the 20th minute, DFM goes for a sneaky baron, while EDG have no vision on it, but a good prediction from Scout allows EDG to kill DFM's jungler and steal the baron leading to an ace for EDG and the end of the game.

Game 3 started with a very bloody early game (with 1 kill per minute until the 9th) with DFM looking better than the first two games.
It's a baron call from EDG at the 27th minute that allowed them to pick 5 kills, the baron and closing the game by running down bot and winning the series 3-0.

Missing predictions ?

We may have something coming up in the next few days about that ! Are you hyped yet ?