It's last day of play-ins (finally !), and G2 plays against INF, then, GRX against SUP. Will G2 make it out of play-ins ?


G2 Esports 3 - 1 Infinity Esports

The first game seemed to be in the hands of G2, even more after Hjarnan getting a triple kill at the 30th minute. But a good fight taken by Infinity Esports at the 33rd minute allowed their Tristana to get a triple kill and allowed the Costa Rican roster to kill the baron. With G2 Wunder getting caught at the 40th minute, INF was able to take a fight in the jungle leading to 4 G2 members down, allowing them to run it down mid.

The second game was the Wunder show. Even if his team had the advantage overall, Wunder gave G2 the ability to outclass Infinity Esports. At the 23rd minute, he was able to outplay two INF members and get a double kill (including the jungler) while his team called a baron.

This baron allowed G2 to push top and mid, while getting two kills and finally end the game at the 25th minute.

As the second, the third game was all in favour of G2 with their ability to play around objectives and getting a small lead thanks to turrets. Even with taking a pretty good fight around baron at the 22nd minute, they dropped two kills, removing them the opportunity to start a baron.
At the 26th minute, Infinity Esports went for a baron and were able to secure it, despite giving up 4 kills. 3 minutes later, INF was able to find a fight and kill both Jankos and Perkz, but Wunder and Wadid were able to turn it around and get 3 kills in exchange (for a total of 4 since INF Arce got killed by Jankos). A perfect fight from G2 (4 for 0) at the 32nd minute allowed them to get an inhibitor but not close the game since INF Relic was able to run away and kill minions before they could reach his base.
Another baron was taken down by G2 at the 33rd minute allowing them to only take top lane since they paid a lot of respect to Infinity's ability to take fights.
By taking Elder Drake at the 37th minute, G2 was able to take bot lane, despite losing Perkz in a fight. Picking INF's jungler at the 41st minute allowed G2 to take the baron (with 3 inhibitors down, INF was unable to contest it) and close the game.

The 4th and last game for this series started quite well for G2 until the 15th minute when INF was able to find good picks and take the driver seat for this game. According to some analysts, G2's win condition was based on Perkz being able to come ahead in his matchup and be able to pick kills. Even though he was two kills ahead, he took too much time being a threat and wasn't able to become the win condition of G2, and Infinity Esports knew that. So with the advantage they had, they decided to play the game cleanly and slowly.
At the 30th minute, a glimmer of hope came in the eyes of G2's players as they were able to take a good fight in the middle lane, trading 5 kills for 3, but they were only able to convert this success into the first tier turret of the middle lane. One minute later, Infinity went for baron and took it down, killing 4 members of G2 just after.
They were able to destroy top lane and middle lane inhibitors while being 8k gold ahead.
While trying to push bot, Infinity Esports tried to catch Perkz and overcommitted, allowing G2 to ace them and defend their base, where only the bottom lane inhibitor and its turret were still alive (minions destroyed both nexus turrets).
At the 39th minute, G2 was able to kill INF's Urgot while his team was doing baron, but just after killing that big worm, they got caught by G2 who killed 4 of their members, and ran it down mid to close the game.

G-Rex 3 - 1 Bahçeşehir SuperMassive

Going into first game, G-Rex looked very dominant until the 17th minute when GRX midlaner Candy got caught. After that kill, it seems like G-Rex mindset fell apart since some of their members got caught by overextending. SuperMassive then played around objectives, allowing them to grow their lead. With SUP Zeitnot coming up huge on his Kai'Sa (even getting a Quadrakill), SuperMassive were able to get baron and a few minutes later, and a perfect fight from SUP Zeitnot, who got a Pentakill, leading to an inhibitor and its turret.

They were able to close the game a few minutes later after winning a good fight at bottom lane where SUP Zeitnot got only a triple kill this time.

The second game was all about getting their toplaner ahead for SuperMassive. With a 4/0 Urgot, fabFabulous was able to transfer his lead to other lanes, until the 22nd minute when SUP take GRX's first inhibitor while G-Rex didn't even take one.
A few seconds after, with fabFabulous getting caught, G-Rex was able to take a fight and almost ace SuperMassive, and go for baron, allowing them to take a few turrets mid and stall the game a bit more.
A few minutes later, it's SuperMassive that took a pretty good fight in G-Rex's jungle and was able to take baron. Unfortunately, they weren't able to take advantage of it since multiple members got caught in a fight, allowing G-Rex to stall the game even more. A good engage from G-Rex at the 36th minute allowed them to kill 3 members of SuperMassive and close the game a few seconds after.

The 3rd game started in favour of G-Rex, getting outplays here and there, like this 1v2 turner in favour of Candy's Irelia.

SuperMassive seemed to come back after the 20th minute mark, but G-Rex totally denied them at the 27th minute by winning a fight getting 3 kills for none, allowing them to take baron. Another fight at the 33rd minute allowed them to pick 4 members of SUP's roster and go for baron.
Out of despair, SuperMassive tried to take a pick mid at the 37th minute, giving an opportunity for G-Rex to run it down bot and close the game. Overall, G-Rex showed us a pretty clean game, even while dropping some kills during fights.

As soon as the fourth game started, we got entertained by the most epic first blood yet:

15 minutes into the game, it seemed like everything was in G-Rex advantage, since SuperMassive was trying to make things happen unsuccessfully.
A clutch baron call from G-Rex at the 20th minute after catching SUP's midlaner and jungler allowed them to push their advantage even further, to 11k gold and two exposed inhibitors at 25 minutes. GRX then played the patience game, playing around baron and pushing waves, forcing SUP to either split or commit to a fight.
It's at the 34th minute that each team decided to pull the trigger, but G-Rex was stronger, won the fight and closed the series.

Missing predictions ?

We may have something coming up in the next few days about that ! Are you hyped yet ?