As Quickshot, we were all excited for Worlds to start, and here it is ! Day 1 of Play-Ins is starting with the following schedule.

Here are some interrogations:

  • Will KaBuM! surprise once again and defeat C9 ?
  • Will Gambit dominate their group ?

QueueUp Squad's picks


Cloud9 1 - 0 KaBuM! e-Sports

In this game, Cloud9 showed how much stronger they are at macros compared to KaBuM. They only got an advantage to bottom lane, and their 1-3-1 did the rest to cleanly close the game in 30 minutes.

Gambit Esports 0 - 1 G-Rex

G-Rex had a huge early game and snowballed really well, even if they lost a few fights in mid game. Really clean game from them, and I was quite surprised seeing them dominating Gambit.

DetonatioN FocusMe 1 - 0 KaBuM! e-Sports

After a really dominant game from toplaner Evi on Ornn, the japanese team was able to play around their Varus and Kindred and counter most of KaBuM's plays. They managed to turn around a few dives with all the CC Ornn gives and the Kindred ultimate that prevented most of Dynquedo's Syndra's burst.

G-Rex 1 - 0 Kaos Latin Gamers

Just one thing to say: Gragas-Yasuo is more than deadly. With a bunch of great knock-ups from his jungler, Candy was able to follow up with impressive ultimates.
With the fastest baron at this time (21 minutes), G-Rex was able to close out the game in under 25 minutes.

DetonatioN FocusMe 0 - 1 Cloud9

Remember when Misfits Gaming was facing SKT last year ? Same feeling.
Huge performance from DFM, with a great lead, but when they needed to close the game, Cloud9 backfired, aced them and took their base. Sadly.

Gambit Esports 1 - 0 Kaos Latin Gamers

I don't know if there was even a fight between these two teams since Gambit came up really stronger than KLG. They snowballed well, focused on objectives and didn't let a chance for KLG to win.

Predictions results

After the first day of play-ins, here are the standings for the QueueUp Squad:

  • SofianeG: 3 points
  • Andoslash: 4 points
  • Zerp: 1 point
  • Teazie: 4 points

Tomorrow's predictions

Here are tomorrow's predictions for the team: