Our interrogations going into day 3 of Play-ins were:

  • Will Cloud9 make it out ?
  • Will KaBuM! reverse their fate ?
  • Will DFM defeat Cloud9 and get revenge for the last game ?

QueueUp Squad's picks


G-Rex 1 - 0 Gambit Esports

It seemed like the game was kind of done from pick and bans. According to some analysts (and the #SuperiorAnalyst), Gambit didn't draft a composition allowing them to have some win condition.

With an early game based on trading kills, the game was pretty even for both side. Everything turned out in favour of G-Rex when Gambit killed the Rift Herald and weren't able to pick up the eye, well defended by the LMS team.
A few fights took place with huge MaoKai ultimates giving the opportunity to G-Rex to take a lead and close the game, giving up only 4 kills and 2 turrets during the entire game.

KaBuM! e-Sports 1 - 0 DetonatioN FocusMe

With Titan picking Vel'koz bot, KBM definitely got my heart, but it's KBM Ranger's Skarner that really carried the game by having a huge early game presence on side lanes.
Even with getting a baron stolen, KaBuM! was able to close the game in 35 minutes.

Kaos Latin Gamers 0 - 1 Gambit Esports

Even with picking Draven and getting it ahead in the early game, KLG wasn't able to snowball their advantage and Gambit took a lot of better fights. Everything turned wrong for KLG when they took a fight in their jungle at the 34th minute, during which Gambit's Leblanc decided to backdoor and end the game.

KaBuM! e-Sports 0 - 1 Cloud9

High expectations for C9 here. The game was close to be even, with a slight advantage to C9. At the 21st minute, Licorice and Jensen defended the baron 2v5, killing 2 members of KBM and surviving. It's at the 33rd minute when Sneaky went for the big play by ulting in 1v3 and killing dyNquedo's Leblanc without even popping his Guardian Angel that C9 was able to take another fight and close the game.

Kaos Latin Gamers 0 - 1 G-Rex

It's without a doubt that we can say that G-Rex was the biggest surprise coming into play-ins, and they didn't disappoint us !
This game was full of skirmishes and long fights, but G-Rex came up on top even with Stitch getting caught multiple times because of his overextensions. They were able to contain the split push of KLG's Camille by catching her multiple times and close the game in less than 35 minutes.

Cloud9 1 - 0 DetonatioN FocusMe

Pretty messy game by Cloud9 here, as their first game against DFM was. The first thing you should remember of this game, is this pretty lit Nocturne's interaction with Leblanc, pretty impressive to watch!

The second one was when Sneaky's Draven gets his first kill at the 25th minute (earning 2k golds all by himself with his passive).

Predictions results

After the first day of play-ins, here are the standings for the QueueUp Squad:

  • SofianeG: 8 + 5 = 13 points
  • Andoslash: 7 + 3 = 10 points
  • Zerp: 3 + 2 = 5 points
  • Teazie: 7 + 3 = 10 points

Bonus: DetonatioN FocusMe 1 - 0 KaBuM! e-Sports (tiebreaker)

Pretty clean performance by the LJL team who didn't even give up a kill. Their sneaky duo baron call at the 21st minute allowed them to close the game in 24 minutes.

Group Standings

After those games, C9, DFM for group C and GRX, GMB for group D will advance to play-in knockouts.


Did Cloud9 make it out ?
Yes, now as a EU fan I hope they will get smashed in knockouts !

Did KaBuM! reverse their fate ?
Unfortunately for them, no

Did DFM defeat Cloud9 and get revenge for the last game ?
The game wasn't as clean as C9 would've hoped but DFM gave a good fight for it.

Tomorrow's games

Here are tomorrow's predictions for the team: