Last game of Play-in group stage is up, and G2 can still make it first of their group ! Yay ! 🎉

QueueUp Squad's picks


Bahçeşehir SuperMassive 0 - 1 G2 Esports

Yes ! They did it ! G2 won their first game against SUP, the team that defeated them two days ago. Strong performance from both teams. Everything went really in favour of G2 when they went for a baron at the 25th minute while SuperMassive were killing the infernal drake. G2 then played the pressure game with Perkz splitpushing side lanes while SUP was trying to get some picks midlane, unsuccessfully.

Infinity Esports 1 - 0 Edward Gaming


Infinity Esports: 🤫

EDG had a really strong early game shutting down botlane and midlane while having a 2k gold lead at 10 minutes, when Infinity got a good fight at the botlane, leading to a 2 for 0 trade. A roam from Ray's Fiora a few seconds after gives him 2 kills in exchange of his death, closing the gold gap to 1k, still in favour of Infinity.
EDG continues to put pressure on the latin american roster until a huge fight from them:

INF was able to ace EDG, secure baron, and a few minutes later, ace EDG again and secure the game.

Bahçeşehir SuperMassive 1 - 0 Ascension Gaming

The one and only thing to remember here is that GBM is a beast. Even with picking some weird items on his Galio, he was able to deal a lot of damage and provide a lot of CC. A 4-men flash-taunt at the 23rd minute allowed SUP to win the fight, get a mountain drake, the baron, and close the game 3 minutes later.

Infinity Esports 1 - 0 Dire Wolves

With Shernfire coming back from his suspension, expectations from Dire Wolves were set higher than yesterday.
Huge early game here from INF, who were able to get an early lead. Even when losing some fights in mid-game, they were able to finally ace Dire Wolves with a Kai'Sa pentakill around the 35th minute.

G2 Esports 1 - 0 Ascension Gaming

With Ascension Gaming picking Kassadin mid, they were looking to put him ahead and be able to kill G2's backlane quickly. Even with some kills and a small advantage over Perkz, G4 wasn't able to carry his lanes who were losing to G2's.

Edward Gaming 1 - 0 Dire Wolves

Disappointed with their last performance, EDG didn't want to go for a 3-ways tiebreaker. With first blood taken in under 2 minutes, Haro was able to take the lead in the jungle (the strong point of DW) and help his lanes taking the advantage.With putting Scout's Akali and iBoy's Kai'Sa ahead, EDG was able to be really powerful in teamfights, getting picks and killing the baron at the 22nd minute.
With DW players getting picked on different parts of the map at the 23rd minute, EDG was able to close the game in under 25 minutes.

Predictions results

After the first day of play-ins, here are the standings for the QueueUp Squad:

  • SofianeG: 13 + 4 = 17  points
  • Andoslash: 10 + 3 = 13 points
  • Zerp: 5 + 4 = 9 points
  • Teazie: 10 +5 = 15 points

Bonus: G2 Esports 1 - 0 Bahçeşehir SuperMassive (tiebreaker)

G2 Esports came to win, and they proved it. With flex-picking Akali to top lane, they were able to counter GBM's Galio with Urgot. With FabFabulous unable to shut down Wunder's Akali with Aatrox, Akali was able to take a huge lead in terms of CS and was able to become a threat for almost every SUP player. With Wunder smurfing the last fight at the 29th minute, G2 was able to close the game and secure first place of their group.

Group Standings

After those games, EDG, INF for group A and G2, SUP for group B will advance to play-in knockouts.